Main contributions

According to official data from GREC (research database of catalan universities consulted on 17 September 2021), the “Culture and Education” research group is made up of 13 members and its main contributions include a total of 15 competitive research projects (MINECO, RecerCaixa, etc.), 3 European projects and 13 research contracts/agreements with different institutions, such as the Government of Catalonia, the Regional Council of Girona, Barcelona City Council, the Town Council of Banyoles and Figueres City Council, among others. With regards research outputs, the group has a total of 361 publications in peer review indexed journals (IN-RECS, Latindex, CARHUS, etc.), 72 articles indexed in the Social Science Citation Index of Journal Citation Reports (JCR), 54 theses, dissertations and research studies, 604 papers at conferences and 338 publications in books.

Regarding the content of these contributions, the most noteworthy publications can be grouped into four main themes: 1) teaching and learning processes in contexts marked by a high level of linguistic diversity reclaimed as a pedagogical resource (Coelho, Oller and Serra, 2013; Siqués and Vila, 2014; Vila and Siqués, 2012; Waddington, 2018; Waddington, Coto & Siqués, 2018); 2) analysis of the psychosocial mechanisms involved in identity construction, as well as cultural-identity relations (Esteban-Guitart and Vila, 2010; Esteban-Guitart, Viladot and Giles, 2015; Esteban-Guitart, Perera, Monreal-Bosch and Bastiani, 2017); 3) teaching and learning processes in physical activity and sport (López-Ros, 2016; López-Ros, Castejón-Oliva, Bouthier and Llobet-Martí, 2015); 4) intervention programmes based on so-called inclusive education (Jovés, Siqués and Esteban-Guitart, 2015; Vila and Casares, 2009). Other emerging themes that have emanated from current research projects focus more directly on teacher training – the notion of “Real Practical Situations” (López-Ros and Serra, 2016; López-Ros, Serra and Vilà, 2015) –, as well as the analysis of meaningful learning experiences that are created inside and outside formal learning and teaching contexts (Esteban-Guitart, Serra and Vila, 2017).