Presentation of the project “EDUCACIÓ 360: Educació a Temps Complet”

The Diputació de Barcelona, the Federació de Moviments de Renovació Pedagògica and the Fundació Jaume Bofill promote the alliance that is born with 34 partners: municipalities and local authorities, networks of educational centers, associations of teachers and educators, leisure time, out-of-school, sport and third sector entities of Catalonia, and university research groups.

The promoters share the challenge of overcoming an educational model centered exclusively on school activities and consider that extracurricular learning offers an increasing quality and quantity of valuable educational opportunities that are still little recognized and disconnected. Faced with the scenes of inequality and segregation that occur in the access to educational opportunities outside the formal system, the initiative aims to ensure equal opportunities, without exclusion.

As a first action, 11 territorial pilot projects have launched advanced local initiatives that specify aspects such as the guarantee of a school lunchroom for all, the connection between school and out-of-school activities, access to quality extracurricular activities for all students and the connection of the cultural and educational areas of the municipalities. These pilots will have an impact on a population of more than 700,000 people.

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