The creation and coordination of the international network “Funds of Knowledge Alliance”

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The Funds of Knowledge Alliance, based at the Institut de Recerca Educativa of Universitat de Girona, was born in 2018 with the union of different academics and research groups from different countries, among which is our group “Cultura i Educació”, which acts as creator, promoter and coordinator of the network. The aim is to develop a space that allows the collaboration of researchers, educators and policymakers working together around the need to promote inclusion and social justice by improving educational practices. In particular, from the Funds of Knowledge approach, which arises with the purpose of combating the deficit perspective in education.

In order to achieve this purpose, different actions are carried out, among them the realization of applied research in collaboration with universities, schools, policymakers and educators from different contexts and nationalities, as well as the exchange of resources, studies and practices among its members that allow to advance in the Funds of Knowledge approach. Likewise, the alliance seeks to communicate and share the results to multiple audiences and through multiple media platforms, thus seeking to increase the dissemination, discussion and impact of the work carried out.

If you want to know more about the alliance and its work, please visit:
Twitter: @fundsknowledge

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